After much deliberation I’ve decided to take Diving Buddy from a paid-only app to being a freemium app. This means the app itself will be free, and some of the calculators will be In-App Purchases (IAPs). There’s been a lot of controversy regarding IAPs lately - mostly when used in games. I tend to agree with most of the issues. If you take a look at the iOS App Store Top Grossing chart, the top few apps haven’t actually changed in the last year or so.

It only recently came to my attention that Heroku added Web Socket compatibility last month (October)! I’ve been wanting to create something “real-time” for a while, but every BaaS (Backend as a Service) that I looked at either didn’t work with web sockets, didn’t provide real-time updates, or just wasn’t up to providing what I wanted well enough. I’ve found more recently that Parse was really quite enjoyable to play with, so I’ll be using that as my data storage, and I’ll be creating a web socket server on Heroku that will cater to all my real-time needs (hopefully).

The latest update to my app Desk Jockey Workout was just released. So far, the feedback on the app has been astoundingly positive, which is great. I hope it’s something people can get a lot of value from. I also got a lot of feedback on version 1.0 - mostly small tweaks that they thought needed doing. This update aimed to fix those. So what did I do? Well, the most common thing mentioned was the icon.

My latest app, Diving Buddy, recently hit the iOS app store. The app contains a bunch of reference material, diving tips, and calculators for divers of all skill levels. The app is capable of calculating oxygen toxicity levels over multiple dives, the minimum gas required for an ascent from any depth, the overall run time of a dive, the maximum operating depth, the weight of air in a cylinder so you can determine how much weight to add or remove, and various other calculators.

Harry Richardson

Lead iOS Developer